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Israel Physical Society Israel Physical Society
    Latest news:

  • Change of Executive
    On 1/1/08, Avishai Dekel will take over as IPS President. Israel Bar Joseph will be the new vicepresident and Israel Mardor the new treasurer.
  • IPS2007
    IPS2007 was on the 9th Decemeber and was very successful see the IPS2007 website for the program and abstracts. Danny ben Shahar and Israel Mardor and the committees did a great job.

  • Invitations from the EPS for Israeli Physicists
  • IPS2006
    IPS 2006 took place on December 17th at the Hebrew University. Ofer Biham and his committees did a terrific job and a wonderful scientific program was enjoyed by all.

    View the program and abstracts on the IPS2006 WEBSITE

  • MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: (download [flyer][form])
    Update about membership
    Many members paid at IPS2006 for 2006/7. Those who did not may now pay
    150 shekels for 2007 if they were members in 2006, or 200 shekels 
    if they were not. (Amounts for retirees and students are halved as usual.)
    At IPS2007 it will be possible to pay just 150 shekels for 2008 membership 
    if you were a paid up member  in 2007  but   you will have to pay 200 shekels
    if you were not a member in 2007.
    From our 2006 membership drive:
    Our regular standard membership fee is 150 shekels each year 
    This year, there will be a special opportunity to  pay 200 shekels for 
    standard membership for both 2006 and 2007. 
    Pensioners, students and teachers are charged  a reduced rate of
    75 shekels in a usual year, or 100 shekels for 2006/7.
    Membership (regular and reduced) entitles you to:
    * a substantial discount at IPS2006,
    * discounted fees for APS,  EPS and IOP journals and conferences.
    The  non-reduced rate also entitles you to:
    * individual EPS membership for about 19 Euros instead of almost 60 Euros,
    * a copy of the IPS annual meeting abstract book on request if you are
      unable to attend the  meeting.
    IPS arranges our annual meeting, presents graduate student prizes,
    and circulates the weekly newsletter.
    Joining IPS  will  strengthen our ability to promote physics in
    Israel and strengthen our ability to take an active part within
    the European Physical Society. 
    Membership forms will be circulated at all IPS member bodies in the near 
    future and can be downloaded here. 
    Please help your council representative reach everyone possible.
    (Members who already paid for 2006 may add 50 shekels for 2007; 
    the 200 shekel offer for two years is for 2006/7 only.)

  • The Presidents of the IOP and of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft have asked us to promote the New Journal of Physics
    to you in order that IPS members will continue to receive discounted rates for page charges. We ask you to support this Journal with submissions and citations.

  • The IPS newsletter
    has all the conferences and seminars of interest to Physicists in Israel.
    Check it out!

    Older news items are archived here.
    Please ask your department's web administrator to make sure that the correct IPS web address is on your department's webpages.

    This website has recently been revised.
    For any additional corrections or links
    to other sites send an email to
    Ms Liz Yodim.

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c/o Department of Physics, Technion, 32000 Haifa, Israel
tel: 972-4-8292608; fax: 972-4-8295755.

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The Israel Physical Society,
c/o Department of Physics, Technion, 32000 Haifa, Israel